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Image source:The Prague City Museum

Eastern and Central Europe is a region full of undiscovered attractions, especially art. It is located in Europe where is the birthplace of ‘art’, but a little removed from the mainstream of Western Europe. Historically, it has been closely associated with Asia and the Middle East. And ethnic, religious and racial groups have been intricately intertwined to form a unique ‘art’ of their own. However, as mentioned in the previous article “List of Art University & Art Academy in Central and Eastern Europe“, there is still a lack of information about the art scene in Eastern and Central Europe.
Therefore, we would like to introduce a list of museums in Eastern and Central Europe.
This list is focused on ‘modern and contemporary art in the capitals of the countries’. Many museums and memorials have been omitted and not all museums in the capitals are included. Please note that some Eastern European countries have also been omitted. So let’s get started.

Image source:National Gallery in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic was  a prosperous trade crossroads. Prague, the capital, is filled with buildings influenced by many different countries and eras. Trams and metro lines run throughout the cozy city. It is easy to move from museum to museum, and it is easy to visit several in one day.
National Gallery in Prague
The Prague City Museum
Museum Kampa
House of the Black Madonna
Galerie GOAP
Salvador Dalí – Enigma Exhibition
The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
Prague City Gallery
Crypto Portal – Nft Gallery
Portheimka – Museum skla

Image source:National Museum in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Poland is the largest country in Eastern Europe. It has suffered repeated historical hardships. The capital, Warsaw, was thoroughly destroyed by Nazi Germany during World War II, but was faithfully restored by the surviving citizens to the extent that it is said to have been ‘recreated to the last crack’. It was the indomitable spirit of the people who loved this city that built it.
National Museum in Warsaw
Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art
Poster Museum at Wilanów Division of the National Museum in Warsaw
The Royal Castle in Warsaw
Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
The Museum of Warsaw
Cosmos Muzeum
The Neon Muzeum
Museum of Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów
Muzeum Karykatury
Desa Unicum
Poster Museum

Image source:Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

Bratislava, Slovakia

It was once part of the Kingdom of Hungary. It was ruled by the Habsburgs in the past. And until 30 years ago, it was Czechoslovakia. Slovakia has thus been heavily influenced by its neighbouring countries. Nowadays, you can enjoy the country’s magnificent nature in the capital, Bratislava. It is a calm and relaxing place to spend time. Street Art dotted around the city is another attraction.
Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum
Nedbalka Gallery
Slovak National Gallery
Bratislava City Gallery

Image source:Hungarian National Gallery

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary, with its deep connection to the Magyar people, an Asian horsemen tribe, is also known as one of the world’s leading spa nations. Viewing art while feeling the subtle Asian flavor of Budapest’s streets is an exceptional experience.
Hungarian National Gallery
Museum of Applied Arts
Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center
Victor Vasarely Museum
Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art
Kiscell Museum
Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
art quarter budapest

Image source:The National Museum of Art of Romania

Bucharest, Romania

Romania, which derives its name from ‘land of the Romans’, is said to have been formed by the assimilation of Romans and Slavs. From the Middle Ages onwards, the country was under the influence of the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburgs for a period. The capital, Bucharest, was known as the ‘Little Paris of Eastern Europe’, with its beautiful buildings and streets.
The National Museum of Art of Romania
National Museum of Contemporary Art
The Museum of Bucharest 
Muzeul de Artă Recentă

Image source:The Museum of the Art from the Socialist Period

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria has an ancient history, and there are several ancient ruins in the city of Sofia, the capital. Located at the cultural crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle East, Bulgaria has been home to numerous ethnic groups that have mixed and developed their own unique cultures.
The Museum of the Art from the Socialist Period
Kvadrat 500
The Palace 
The Museum of Christian Art
The Sofia Arsenal – Museum of Contemporary Art
Sofia City Art Gallery

Image source:The Khanenko Museum

Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv is considered as the oldest city in Eastern Europe, dating back to 1500 of years. Due to the Russian military invasion, some of the registered museums have been closed. We hope that peaceful daily life will return to the city as soon as possible.
The Khanenko Museum
National Art Museum of Ukraine
Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art
The PinchukArtCentre
Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum Complex
Museum of Contemporary Art
Culture and Arts Complex Artarea

This is The List of Art Museums in the Central and Eastern Europe. Europe is well served by railways and express buses connecting various countries. So that it is interesting to tour around several countries. It would be a great pleasure if you discover something new about Eastern and Central Europe in this article.

Let’s be even more creative and survive this world!

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