Generating an Income as an Artist – The Importance of Professionalism

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Most people do music and art as a hobby, and even if you are an art or music student, you may still be thinking about whether or not you will become a professional.

In this article, I’d like to talk about the relationship between income and professionalism and the importance of having a professional mindset.

I remember talking to my classmates frequently when I was in art school about being a “professional artist. 

I remember being nervous about working as a professional because I thought the only way to become a professional was to be able to generate a regular income.

I was more insecure about finances than I should have been because I didn’t want to admit that I wasn’t prepared or confident enough to call myself an aspiring artist.

What is a professional artist?


A “professional artist” is someone who lives and makes money from art alone. 

This is completely wrong. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to make money, either.

Do you think that if a popular artist was asked to take a job as a college teacher and started teaching at a university, he wouldn’t be a professional anymore? I don’t think so.

How do you compare an artist who lives at home and doesn’t pay rent or food and sells a million dollars a year in paintings with a loss-making artist who lives alone and sells a million dollars a year?

Income is just a necessary part of modern life, but it is not an indicator of whether you are a professional or not.

Whether you are a professional is judged by the people who are looking at you through your work.

One should remember, it’s the result you’re trading for money, not the purpose of it.

As I wrote in the beginning, the younger I was, the more obsessed I was with money. That’s not a bad thing because we need money to live!

But if making money is your goal, you’re not really asking yourself the questions you should be asking yourself. 

Everything takes time. I believe that the increase in income is to some extent proportional to time.

Just like in any other industry, becoming as successful as possible is a matter of hard work, smarts networking and getting the hang of surviving in the industry.

Maintaining a certain quality is what makes you a professional.

Professionals gather around professionals.


This isn’t limited to artists.

If you are passionate, you will naturally attract people who are passionate about their respective areas of expertise as well.

You don’t want to work with people who are grumpy, people who change their attitude depending on who they are working with, people who are unreliable in their work, people who aren’t on time, people who don’t get back to you very often, people who don’t get back to you.

We must not forget that art is a people-business.

If you’re having trouble selling your work, maybe think about your communication skills?

If you want to work with professionals, you have to be professional yourself. See? This is not really about money anymore.

Always maintain the quality of your work at the highest level, regardless of your mood or other factors. I don’t change my attitude with people based on my moods, I take all people seriously. I think keeping these things in mind on a regular basis is what it means to be a professional. And reply to that one email already!

When the value of your work rises, people will come to you.

If you don’t have the professionalism to keep working with the best people, people will leave you. Having a sense of professionalism is the most important factor in creating a work environment, not just for artists.


I hope you now understand that being a professional artist is not defined by income. I also told you that in order to become a professional, it is important not only to work hard at creating art, but also to have a sense of social professionalism.

I understand that money is important. But if you are caught up in money, you should use that energy for thinking about other things. Money will naturally follow.

I hope you found this article helpful.


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